Winchester Hospice is part of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) and will support and empower patients with life limiting illnesses, and their families, through a number of end of life care services run by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT). 

HHFT was rated 'Outstanding' for end of life care in the latest review by the Care Quality Commission.

Based on the very successful hospice model in Andover, The Countess of Brecknock, our plan is for a 10 bed inpatient unit with ensuite facilities, which will feel more like a home than a hospital. Here, our patients and their families can continue to enjoy special moments together whilst being looked after by our specialist team.
— Dr Stephanie Killick, clinical lead for end of life care at Hampshire Hospitals, who will be the lead consultant at the new hospice.

.With your help, Winchester Hospice will also be able to provide a number of end of life care services at the hospice and in the community:

• Our 'Hospice at Home' service will expand to run overnight in the community to support patients in their own home when they are in their last few weeks of life.

• Hospice day services will be available for outpatients, who will be supported by specialist doctors, nurses and therapists without the need to be admitted to hospital or the hospice.

• Winchester Hospice will also have access to Hampshire Hospitals' Home Care Support Team, who will prove care at home for patients at the end of their life.

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