Meet the Fundraising Team

Judith Charmer

Judith Charmer is the Fundraising Manager for Winchester Hospice. Having previously worked for two other hospices as a fundraiser and at the North Hampshire Medical Fund as the Fundraising Manager, Judith has a wealth of experience in the sector and is successfully running the variety of events that Winchester Hospice has coming up over the next year. She chose Winchester Hospice as her place of work to fundraise for because of the lack of hospice care within Winchester and the desperate need for it for the community.

Day to day roles for Judith are never the same, the role is very varied with many aspects to ensure all elements of fundraising are covered, throughout her time as a fundraiser she must also build personal relationships with donors so that they can also spread the word about the charity and potentially become Winchester Hospice ambassadors. Judith says that finding just under £3 million in order to open a hospice in Winchester is the most challenging part of her job. There is still a long way to go before the restoration of Burrell House can begin.

If you would like to donate money towards the Winchester Hospice fundraising efforts please visit this link:

Knowing that Winchester will have a hospice that provides specialist and compassionate care is the most rewarding part of the job as a fundraising manager, as oftentimes it can appear that progress is slowing, however the charity is on track to reach their goal with the help of the local community in Hampshire. In terms of the new interns and ambassadors, and anybody who frequently gets involved with the progress of the charity, Judith says that ‘we would not be where we are today without the help and support they give towards the fundraising, we will not have a hospice without them’. Therefore, it is important to spread the word and get involved as no efforts go unnoticed by the fundraising team, and no donation is too small every penny counts!

Sabrina Marsden

Sabrina Marsden is the Fundraising assistant at Winchester Hospice, working alongside Judith to ensure that fundraising efforts are progressing towards the opening of the hospice.

Winchester Hospice was such an exciting opportunity, Sabrina has worked with charities before on a general fundraising mission, however the focus of the goal within the hospice is something that excites and motivates Sabrina,  ensuring that every step is taken positively, careful and professionally to meet the target for opening a hospice is Winchester.

Every day is different, working in the fundraising office for Winchester Hospice allows creativity, relationship building and a genuine passion to grow and spread awareness. Jobs for Sabrina range from online presence including social media and website management, to supporting Judith in planning and running events.  Sabrina works alongside Judith to help raise enough money to make progress with Winchester Hospice.

Sabrina says that the most rewarding part of her job for the charity is seeing all of the progress that we are making with fundraising, and knowing that we are on track to opening, therefore offering help and expert palliative care to Winchester citizens who desperately need these facilities as soon as possible. The recruitment of ambassadors has also been exciting as it accurately reflects the growth of local and widespread support the charity has received.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Winchester Hospice, please get in touch with us at or call 01962 828353 and we will supply you with the details of our next ambassador training sessions!

Caron Bishop

Caron Bishop is the administrative support in the office for both Sabrina and Judith, a key role to ensure that the smooth running of all aspects to do with the fundraising run smoothly.

Caron has worked for the trust for many years, in a variety of different roles. She is passionate and excited for the prospect of Winchester hospice and does all she can to support the work within the fundraising office.

Her day to day role varies; Caron takes great pride in her work ensuring that the correct support is available in the office, from writing to our supporters to organising the office and its variety in everyday activity. She is incredible professional whilst also sharing compassion and passion in her role to ensure that all in her power is done to support the opening of Winchester Hospice.

Judith Charmer