We have entered the new year in high spirits to raise the funds needed for Winchester hospice. We have lots of events planned so keep an eye on our events page.

Towards the end of last year Burrell house was stripped back. The walls and flooring were uncovered leaving the brick work exposed, the house was cleared out of unwanted and unusable materials. We discovered at this stage that the internal walls of Burrell were made of chalk, we can only imagine that this was from the land in front of Burrell house prior to it being the hospital and car park, so more history unveils its self within the walls of Burrell house.

The house was full of mould and damp, due to a leaking and falling down roof, to ensure that the building itself was saved before major issues developed it was imperative that the roof was replaced. Leaving Burrell house empty, cleared and ready for its next adventure

Judith Charmer